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Bench power supply from Pc's power supply


Well in this project i will introduce you a bench power supply from pc's power supply that i made few months ago.I have a variable power supply made by me but sometimes you need to work with more than one voltage. So the pc's power supply can give us 5 voltages which are the +3.3 , +5 , +12 , -5 , -12 . These are the most common voltages that electronics work. Also pc's power supplies have great amount of amperaze which make them versatile to lot of uses.In the photos below you will see that i have added a regulator (7809) to have this voltage also to my power supply. Another intresting thing is that i have added a connector(green one)to connect the antistatic bracelet when i prototyping with microcontrollers or chips which are sensitive to static electricity. Also a fuse cable case was necessary where has been placed to the positive cable of the power supply. All the info i needed can be found here .... Finally i would like to THANK Kam ( for info and his power supply donation.... Hope you like it and built one for your own.


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Inside the power supply.
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Observe 7809 attached on the heatsink.
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My power supply with the antistatic wristband and the cables for breadboard connection.
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A closer look to my completed power supply.

Tips !

The whole project took me for about 2 days to completely finish it without rush. I used a 8mm diammeter drill for my power connectors and 6mm drill for my antistatic wrap connector. Also one tip that might be useful to you.... when you want to allign the connectors into same distances you can use a spotter tool first to mark the drilling point. This mark will also guide you to your hole since the nose of the drill is fitted into the drilling spot mark.