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About Me

And that's how the story begins...

Hello my name is Panagiotis and i live in Athens (Greece) . My job is not an electronic engineer as you may imagine, but
an air-conditioning and refrigarator technician. So allow me to make a "brief" introduction of myself for you, so you
can understand how i ended up to this point. ( The boring part.... :-) )

"Since i was a kid i can remember how happy i was feeling when i was playing with screwdrivers and tools, trying to fix things.
My first "circuit" was to turn a lamp on-off powered by a battery. (Until then, LEDS were unknown to many people...)
I wish i could decribe by words my feelings, watching this circuit working...!!!
A bell rang inside me, and i was aware of what i would like to be occupied at my free time...

Around 1996 a friend of mine came to school holding a leaflet from a Greek company named "Smartkit".
This company was selling electronic kits ready to assemble. AMAZING!!!
Those days internet wasn't spread out as today so information was difficult to be found....
I bought lots of kits by that company. The good thing about kits is that you build something (you create something from "nothing")
and simultaneously learn how these things work.

In 1999, as much as i remember, something strange happened. I was asked by a friend to build a chip programmer... He told me that he wanted to upload a programm to a chip....(I can still remember my laugh that turned like a boomerang to myself few years later...)
I couldn't believe that you can programm a chip. Since then i was playing with digital electronics (Logical Gates) and alalog electronics (555,comparators...)etc. So you can figure out, how strange was heard to me!!!
It was that period when i realized the existence of microcontrollers. I made few circuits using them, but there wasn't my designs...
I was limted to each project i was building, by the creator's design...
So i decided to start looking for tutorials that will help me learn programming microcontrollers, so i could make my own projects.
For a long period i was searching the web to find tutorials that will explain everything that has to do about programming
PIC microcontrollers. I must admit that for a completely rookie of the kind, weren't very helpful tutorials...

The outburst came around 2010-2011, when i met my friend George.
I was "surfing" to the internet looking for a circuit where accidentally my friend's George website appeared to my screen...
It's the well known (at least to people of the same intrests)!!!! Then something unexpectable happened...
I saw a category to his site which was and is refferring to Pic mocrocontroller tutorials.
I felt like i was redempted after so long period of searching the web.
George's tutorials have a unique way to make you understand, because of his examples, and the simplicity of his explanation.
Closing my "brief" story :-) i would like to THANK George for sharing with me his knowledge about programming PIC mcu's

Best wishes to you all