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Lithium-Ion Lithium-Polymer battery charger using MCP73831

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Charge your Lithium-Ion Lithium-Polymer batteries using this charger built around MCP73831

Rfid access zone

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Rfid access zone using PIC microcontroller. Give or deny access to zones using Rfid technology.

Fast ICSP connection board - F-ICSPcon

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My PICKIT3 (clone) with the F-ICSPcon.

GSM Caller Alarm

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A very simple GSM CALLER ALARM.Combining a pic microcontroller with a quad cmos bilateral switch
makes it a perfect solution for our circuit...

Modding Yamaha CryptonR - "The Crypton Project"

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Modding Yamaha Crypton R. A very instresting project that icludes the replacing of all Incandescent light bulbs
to leds,a motorcycle alarm, and a power outlet for providing 12v supply.

Bench power supply from pc's power supply

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With small modifications you can turn a pc's power supply to bench power supply.