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Dear readers welcome to my site.

This site is dedicated to electronics enthousiasts - hobbyists.
I love microcontrollers and i am experimenting with Microchip's Pic mid-range family 12F 16F and 18F. Definately in
the future may proceed to something more "heavy" like Pic32 series... :-)
Here you can find ,electronic Projects , Theory articles, a Blog section with intresting articles, and the Tutorials section, where you will find useful info, for understanding different modules,screens,sensors (etc) i have used over time.
Every project i have uploaded to the site is made and tested by me.
Feel free to Contact me, for any questions, corrections, suggestions or even improvements you might have, regarding my projects, my website (etc). Please don't forget to have a look at Terms of service page.

Enjoy your staying Panagiotis.

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Latest News

10 February 2020

ESP8266 module

Update AT Firmware on ESP8266-01

05 May 2019

Digital alarm clock

Digital alarm clock using DS3231 RTC

12 February 2019

Ds1302 Real Time Clock Chip

Interfacing RTC modules

Coming Next...

Mini WebServer using Pic/ESP8266

Control your appliances, your home using the internet... Wirelessly!!!

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